We have recently partnered with Fluidly who have an Intelligent Cashflow engine for small businesses and their advisors that combines human and machine intelligence to provide control, certainty and confidence around cashflow. Fluidly seamlessly integrates with cloud accounting software packages to forecast cashflow, then set about improving it – starting with getting businesses paid faster and more reliably with professional credit control.

Fluidly plugs into cloud accounting software packages and combines financial data with artificial intelligence techniques to provide a powerful, up-to-date forecast of clients’ likely future cash position, as well as automated credit control. Fluidly provides the ability to set up tailored cash collection reminders via email and call scheduling to improve working capital. It also provides a real-time prediction that allows businesses to see their future bank balances and upcoming cash movements for any day, week and month.

Clients will benefit from getting paid more quickly and easily, and having more confidence about their future cashflow. Artificial Intelligence picks out good or bad payers so businesses can customise their approach and prioritise effectively. Fluidly constantly monitors each client for risks and opportunities, and this complements the fantastic knowledge our accountants have about individual organisations.

Fluidly is developing the same integration for Sage 50 desktop and Sage 50C which means our clients can benefit from the tools offered by Baldwins from June for credit control and expected in July for cashflow forecasting.

“Not only do Baldwins have a crystal clear vision for their business advisory services, but they are rapidly making this into reality. With intelligent use of digital tools, Baldwins are providing a superior service to their clients and we’re thrilled to be working with them.”
Caroline Plumb, Founder & CEO, Fluidly

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