Our team at Baldwins Forensic Accounting has significant expertise in tax enquiries and investigation having direct experience from working at HMRC. Over the years we have supported many of our clients when they have come under scrutiny with HMRC. Being subject to an HMRC investigation can be an extremely stressful time for an individual, partnership or limited company.

Indeed, it can be a difficult time for an accountancy practice and can be extremely time consuming. HMRC has been granted significant powers to investigate or enquire into taxation affairs, with enquires being of a random nature or targeted by a review of similar businesses or based on information gained by HMRC.

What you get as part of your service with Baldwins Forensic Accounting:

  • experienced staff – we know how HMRC work, having managed hundreds of investigations (on their side)
  • expertise in COP8 and COP9 enquiries
  • pro-active advice before entering into negotiations with HMRC
  • protection for your own and clients’ interests, working closely with (our/your) clients
  • control of the enquiry on behalf of your client
  • a handle of HMRC’s ‘heavy handed eagerness’
  • we will not take your clients, we will enter into a non-compete agreement with you

We offer impartial and expert advice on all aspects of taxation, including VAT and representation before the Tribunal Service. As a dedicated team of professionals, we specialise and focus on devoting the time and effort that a tax enquiry demands.

For further information regarding tax investigation services, get in touch Forensic@baldwinandco.co.uk or ring 029 2082 9000.