Many victims suffer loss as a result of injury, and in the case of fatalities, their dependents can suffer financial loss in addition to the emotional trauma. We have a wealth of experience in personal injury claims. The work we undertake covers:

  • motor accidents
  • fatal accidents and resulting dependency claims
  • medical and clinical negligence
  • accidents at work
  • work related injury
  • criminal injuries
  • Calculating a claim

In some cases, the task of calculating a loss of earnings or dependency can be complex. For example, where the victim is self-employed or is an employee in receipt of variable remuneration and benefits in kind for example, share option schemes. Particular care is required to evaluate the loss. Determination of whether a lump sum or periodic payment is more appropriate, can also be challenging to assess. We work with our tax experts, as necessary, to ensure we thoroughly address any tax implications relating to the claim.

We have an excellent understanding of the legal framework relating to loss calculations. We can support arbitration and mediation, plus we will provide an expert witness should one be required. We can provide CPR complaint reports, short summary reports, detailed calculations and commentary for the Schedule of Special Damages and counter schedules.

Our work usually includes an assessment of the claimant’s position both before and after the injury occurred, to determine what their financial circumstances would be had the injury not taken place. In some cases, this may include an analysis of the individual’s employer and industry specific research on market trends to understand the prospects of the claimant. We use a range of resources to support this work.

At Baldwins Forensic Accounting we will work closely with the legal team. You can rely on us to evaluate the claim properly and provide sound advice and calculations on quantum, whether we are acting on behalf of the claimant or the defendant. We may also be appointed for both parties, as independent experts.