Business and Share Valuations

Whether your business is structured as a company, LLP, partnership or sole trader, there are many reasons why a business or share valuation may be required. At Baldwins Forensic Accounting our experienced team has a proven track record in providing sound and independent business and share valuations. We have dealt with businesses of varying sizes and complexity across all sectors. Our business and share valuations service include the following areas:

Shareholder or Partnership Disputes

If you are involved in a dispute and looking to buy out your partner or dispose of your interest in a business, we can determine the open market for what is proposed to be transferred and support the negotiation process.

Divorce Proceedings

We can act on behalf of the petitioner, respondent or both as a single joint expert. We provide FPR compliant reports.

Sale and Purchase Agreements (or restructuring of business)

Whether you are buying or selling a business or even restructuring your own business, it is important to ensure that you understand what the value of the transaction is. Our experts have significant valuation and corporate finance experience.

Warranty Claims

If you have sold or acquired a business, warranties and or indemnities may have been given which may have been breached. We can assess the impact and quantify any losses suffered.  Our corporate finance and forensic accounting experience has proven invaluable in this area.

Tax Valuations

We are able to provide valuations for tax purposes including the issue of Enterprise Management Incentive (EMI) share options, and for inheritance tax purposes.

Business Planning

We will provide a valuation to inform your business strategy and exit options. Whatever your requirement for a valuation, we will apply our expertise and industry knowledge to undertake thorough valuations, using the most appropriate methodologies for your circumstances and industry.

Valuation Process

Case Study – Business Valuation

Experts from Baldwin’s Forensic have given evidence on business valuation issues on numerous occasions.

On one occasion our Expert acted as a single joint expert to assist a mediator faced with a very complex partnership dispute. The dispute arose from the suspension of various partners in a law firm with the effect that a new partnership was subsequently found to have been formed.

Our Expert was required to carefully unpick the competing accounts from the parties and recreate a hypothetical negotiation on value that should have taken place at the point of the business transfer into the new partnership.

After a day of cross-examination by 5 different parties to the dispute the mediator accepted our conclusions without amendment.

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