At Baldwins Forensic we offer a comprehensive range of forensic accounting services to provide specialist financial assistance in legal disputes and financial investigations. We offer expert witness support in family, civil and criminal courts. Browse our full list of services below, meet our Forensic Accountancy team or get in touch.

Business and Share Valuations

Baldwin Forensic has a proven track record in providing independent valuations.

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Commercial & Contractual Disputes

Baldwin Forensic has advised on quantum on many commercial and contractual disputes.

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Divorce Proceedings

We use our experience to value businesses to help achieve a fair outcome in divorce proceedings.

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Fraud Investigations & Proceeds of Crime

We use our inquisitive & analytical approach when instructed on fraud investigations.

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Fatal Accident & Dependency Claims

Care needs to be taken when calculating the correct dependency.

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Loss of Earnings

Assessing and calculating personal injury claims including medical negligence & fatal accidents.

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Personal Injury Claims & Medical Negligence

You can rely on us to evaluate the claim properly and provide sound advice & calculations on quantum.

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Shareholder Disputes

Our experience to quickly assimilate a situation can complement those of your legal team.

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Tax Valuations

We work with our clients at every step of the valuation process.

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Tax Investigations

Expertise in tax investigations & supporting when you have come under scrutiny from HMRC.

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Experienced forensic accountants serving the UK.

By seeking our expert advice early, you can save yourself time, money and contribute to achieving the best possible outcome ensuring nothing is overlooked. Our forensic team prepare reports with robust clearly written, evidence that will withstand any challenges.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch to discuss a potential case or an ongoing matter on a confidential basis. We welcome the opportunity to provide initial complimentary comments on case papers, shared on a confidential basis. Contact us to see how we can help.

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