Our audit and assurance services will withstand the closest scrutiny – and help your public sector body to turn obligation into opportunity.


Public sector expertise
Knowledge and experience are essential in effective scrutiny in the increasingly joined-up public sector in the UK. We have consistently demonstrated quality and partnership in our assurance and risk management work with the UKs public sector. These traits continue to be the bedrock of our approach today.

Our appreciation of public sector culture and service provision has earned us the trust and respect of every public body we’ve worked with.

Assurance services
Our assurance services extend to statutory audits of public sector bodies and internal and performance audit services.

However you arrive at our services, we can give you confidence that your organisation’s business processes, financial records and capacity will allow it to meet its objectives.

Our risk management team will enable you to manage your exposure to major risk and help you to formulate contingency plans in case of disruption. All of our risk management work is tailored to your individual needs and complies with internationally recognised risk standards.

Our team advises many public sector organisations on their governance structure. The right set-up can support effective decision-making and satisfy the needs of stakeholders.

We also provide seminars and workshops on governance responsibilities to help train boards.

Due diligence
At a time of reorganisation or restructuring it’s important to invest in independent due diligence to avoid hidden surprises. We have extensive experience of providing public sector due diligence services that allow informed decisions to be made in uncertain times.


Focus on tax
While you may be exempt from many taxes as a public sector organisation, you’re not wholly immune. So it’s crucial that you keep up to date with your tax position as it currently stands.

You can rely on us for astute and considered employment tax advice. We also offer VAT consultancy, health checks and planning – specialist advice will make compliance with the complex VAT rules surrounding public sector bodies less of a burden.

Our tax experts will conduct an employment tax health check that covers risk, efficiency and cost. We’ll advise you on your overall tax position, and we’ll recommend where you could make improvements.

We even make it our place to inform you whenever you might be affected by changes to employment tax legislation. So you can relax knowing that you’ve not missed any critical information.

VAT health check
Without specialist advice it can be difficult to fully comprehend your VAT position as a public sector body. The rules are complex, and they can and do change frequently. We’ll help you to avoid any costly mistakes; we may even be able to help you to reduce your liability. We’ll begin with a VAT health check to ascertain your position.

Then we’ll advise you on what you need to do and how best to stay on top of your obligations to HMRC.


Arm’s length organisations
Arm’s length organisations are becoming increasingly common within the public sector, being strongly promoted by local authorities and Westminster as a viable and effective alternative delivery model.

We have a long history of providing audit and consultancy services to public sector bodies. We understand the pressures that arm’s length organisations face – from finding new and innovative ways of funding to finding cost efficiencies within the current structure.

As more and more services are being pushed onto arm’s length organisations, we can help you to assess and understand the potential risks. We know that with the involvement of independent directors, governance will be high on your agenda and we have a team of experts in issues affecting charitable trustees, directors and councillors who can ensure that you are employing best practice and are remaining fully compliant with your obligations.

In fact, many of our partners and managers have direct experience of serving on boards of arm’s length bodies themselves.

We have worked with local authorities, including island authorities and so we understand the key risks that local government faces. However we are also keenly aware that each local authority will have its own particular concerns and requirements.

The local government sector faces a number of significant cost pressures, making it difficult to reduce costs, whilst maintaining service standards. Service demand is increasing and is likely to increase further in the future, due to an ageing population, the effects of the recent recession and the increased expectations of the public. This increases the pressure on the ability of public bodies to provide efficient and quality services at a time when budgets are already under pressure and reducing.

We have over 50 years of experience in providing external audit services to local authorities. In addition we offer specialist advice in areas such as procurement and change management. Most recently our specialists have been working with local authorities to design new and innovative ways of delivering services including shared services, outsourcing or setting up of trusts or community franchises.