Whatever your ambitions for the future, tax could get in the way. Our tax advisory services can ensure that your ambitions are realised without tax proving to be too much of a cost.

The UK has one of the most complex tax systems in the world which need expert tax advisors to help you to navigate.

Tax Advisory Services

Whatever your ambitions for the future may be, tax-related matters can present significant obstacles on the road ahead. With this in mind, our tax advisory services have been specifically designed to help you overcome tax-related issues and achieve your objectives in the way that you intend to. Get in touch to speak to one of our expert advisors today.

Comprehensive Tax Advice To Suit Every Circumstance

The UK is home to one of the most complex tax systems in the world, and the ability to successfully navigate these complexities can bring along significant financial benefits. As such, Baldwins’ Tax Advisory team offers extensive experience in working with businesses and individuals of all kinds, tailoring our services to suit their unique circumstances.

With hundreds of years’ worth of combined experience across the firm, our extensive knowledge of taxation matters means we’re able to advise you on virtually every tax issue imaginable. From straightforward tax compliance to highly complex issues relating to tax planning, we can deliver you results from both a personal and business perspective. The areas we advise on include:

Business Tax

Modern businesses are faced with a wide range of challenges in managing the implications of corporate tax legislation. Aside from guiding businesses on matters of compliance, our team also provides creative solutions aimed at maximising any available tax reliefs, reducing your financial burden along the way. Furthermore, we’re also able to advise on specialist matters relating to UK patents, Research and Development (R&D) tax credits, corporate restructuring and much more.

Capital Allowances

Capital allowances provide an invaluable way of reducing business expenditure relating to investments in equipment, fixtures, fittings and more. Businesses are subject to a variety of rules in qualifying for these allowances, and we regularly advise clients on making a successful capital allowance claim. Whatever the case, our services can help you reduce the cost of your investment.

Incentivising or Recruiting Key Staff

Incentives play an important role in retaining existing staff and attracting new talent, and employee share schemes are one of the most tax-efficient ways of achieving both these goals. Our experts can support you in shaping an attractive remuneration package that works in the interests of employers and employees alike.

Inheritance Tax & Estate Planning

Estate planning aimed at reducing the financial burden posed by Inheritance Tax can go a long way in maximising the assets you pass on to the next generation. Whether you’re a business or a private individual, the Baldwins team brings together specialist knowledge relating to every aspect of estate planning to help minimise your exposure.

Making Tax Digital

With the UK government embracing the digital future of taxation, new legislation surrounding taxation has meant that VAT-registered businesses across the UK are making the shift towards managing their taxes digitally. Aside from providing a range of cloud-based solutions that help make tax matters more efficient, our team can advise you on the steps necessary to futureproof your business in this area.

Owner-Managed Businesses

Whether you’re the owner of an existing business or are on the verge of embarking on a new commercial venture, the Baldwins team provides expert guidance on establishing a tax-efficient company structure. From profit extraction to business succession, our advisors work alongside you to drive commercial success at every opportunity.

Private Client Services

Effectively managing personal wealth is crucial to ensuring your assets are safeguarded. As such, we offer a dedicated Private Client Service that helps deliver tax-effectiveness across every aspect of your estate. Whether you’re a high-net-worth individual, family or business, we can help structure financial affairs in a way that works for you.

Property Tax

The taxation of property has undergone significant changes in recent years, making it all the more important to structure your property portfolio in a tax-efficient manner. At Baldwins, we provide property investors with a variety of innovative solutions aimed at maximising the potential of their real estate assets.

Research & Development

Research and development (R&D) tax relief plays an instrumental role in driving innovation. If your business is working on the development of new technologies, R&D tax credits can help reduce corporation tax and free up precious resources. Whatever sector you’re operating in, we can advise you on the steps necessary to qualify for tax relief in this area.

Tax Funding

The effective allocation of funds is an important step in ensuring the payment of Corporation Tax, Personal Tax and VAT, and failure to do so may see your incur additional charges from HMRC. Our dedicated tax funding service is focused on minimising hassle and preserving cash flow, supporting your commercial objectives along the way.

Tax Support for Professionals

If you’re a legal or accountancy professional in need of additional support on tax-related issues, the Baldwins team provides a cost-effective way of meeting your clients’ requirements. Providing first-rate tax expertise whenever you need it, our specialist advisors act as a valuable extension of your in-house team.

Tax Investigations

Tax investigations can be costly and time-consuming regardless of whether they form part of a random enquiry or an allegation of misconduct. Our Tax Advisory team offers many years’ worth of practical experience in dealing with investigations of this kind, helping you secure the best possible outcome.


Value-added tax (VAT) is the most common form of taxation imposed on goods and services. As a result, the Baldwins team provides a wide array of services aimed at helping businesses navigate the commercial complexities posed by VAT. From engaging in VAT planning to specialist advice relating to appeals and dispute resolution, we can help you simplify product taxation.

Why Us?

As one of the fastest growing accountancy firms in the UK today, we understand the importance of a practical, value-driven service. Whichever challenge you may be facing, our tax advisors take time to understand the issue at hand, working alongside you to develop an effective tax strategy focused around your commercial needs.

Matters relating to taxation affect different people in different ways, so we deliver bespoke solutions to reflect that notion. We provide personable and straightforward tax advice to individuals, families, sole traders, SMEs, multinational corporations and many more, delivering a solution to suit every requirement.

Contact our Specialist Tax Advisors

If you’re in need of practical tax advice relating to any individual or business-related matter, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our dedicated Tax Advisory team. Simply call us on 0845 894 8966 or get in touch online to find out how we can help.

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