Staying Safe Online – be fraudster aware

At this time of year there is a significant increase in online transactions as organisations and businesses complete payments ahead of Christmas holidays and individuals source last-minute gifts. For fraudsters this means Christmas is an ideal time to target online transactions and steal sensitive data.

The stolen data can be packaged up as an email to resemble a communication from a company name that you may be familiar with and can often ask you to transfer money online immediately or on the same day. If you receive an email asking you to transfer money, take a few minutes to consider whether this is a genuine request. If in doubt, check it out!


Here are some quick tips for using email safely:

  • Always be wary of emails asking you to send money immediately
  • Do not open or forward emails which you suspect as being scams, but instead delete
  • Do not open or click on attachments or links from unknown or unusual sources
  • Do not transfer money online or share secure passwords online (genuine companies will never ask you to do this)
  • If in doubt, contact the person or organisation the email claims to have been sent from via your own independent route and not via any contact details given in the email.

For more tips about staying safe online, visit the Government’s cyber safety website.