Shropshire Manufacturer Unlocks Increase in orders


A Shropshire-based manufacturer of security products has unlocked an increase in orders following substantial investment.

Bulldog Security Products Limited, on Stretton Road, Much Wenlock, manufacture hitch locks and wheel clamps for around 1,000 caravan and car dealers around the UK, and have seen orders grow by 15 per cent over the past 12 months.

The increase comes after Baldwins Accountants helped them to research and identify £100,000 worth of modern equipment in 2015 that would bring the whole product manufacturing process in-house – including a press brake for forming steel components and a laser machine for cutting steel profiles.

Bulldog Security Limited – a family firm founded in 1984 and spanning three generations – are now producing more than 25,000 products a year from their own factory.

Yvonne Jordan is company secretary and runs the business alongside her husband, managing director Ian Jordan. She believes the new machinery has made a world of difference to the future of the business.

She said: “Having modern machinery that gives us greater control over our products has undoubtedly improved the overall performance of the business.

“We used to source a lot of our parts externally, so this new machinery now means we can be more flexible both in the designing and manufacturing of our own products as well as delivering larger quantities of products in less time.

“We are also broadening our horizons into selling and installing a range of GPS trackers that can be used to locate nearly any item you attach it to, whether that’s a person, vehicle or for commercial use.”

As well as receiving research and development advice, Baldwins has been assisting the family firm with general accountancy and tax services for more than ten years.

David Baldwin, director at Baldwins, said: “Bulldog Security is reaping the rewards from sensible investment.

“The firm has always had a healthy number of orders but they were conscious of keeping up with the varied market place, so as part of our service we sat down with Ian and Yvonne to identify how they could do this in a way that would benefit the business operationally and financially.

“The new machinery has future proofed their business as it will enable them to take on even more orders in the years to come, and gives them the ability to make new products.”