Senior appointment made by Forensic Accounting team

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One of the UK’s leading business advisory firms has bolstered its Forensic Accounting team with a senior appointment.

Martin Chapman has joined Baldwins as a Partner in the firm’s Forensic Accounting department.

He arrives at Baldwins with more than 15 years of accountancy experience at a top 10 accountancy firm.

For the last 13 years he has specialised solely in forensic accountancy, working his way up from trainee to director level at his previous firm.

Martin will be responsible for expanding Baldwins’ Forensic Accounting service in more than 20 offices spread across the Midlands, while also supporting the department’s growth across the UK.

“Demand is growing for forensic accountants, especially those with investigation experience as more businesses become aware of the risks that are being posed internally and externally,” he said.

“The rise in cybercrime means more businesses are now tuned in to the threat of fraud. Although the traditional forms of fraud, for example internal employee fraud, are as high as ever.

“A significant amount of work is referred to me from lawyers and regulators, but part of my role is to ensure Baldwins’ clients are guarding themselves against fraud and reacting to it in a timely fashion.

“In an ideal world we want to ensure our clients can be as proactive in safeguarding their organisations against those risks rather than the more costly reactive solution.”

Martin – whose forensic accountancy career has seen him working on multi-million-pound cases, including investigation work as far afield as Uganda – will also be assisted by Jaden Reynolds to develop the service. Jaden joins Baldwins from a top four accountancy firm.

Tanya Wilson, Joint Head of the Forensic and Litigation Team at the Baldwins Group, added: “Martin has sought-after experience in forensic accountancy, and his appointment is a massive coup for Baldwins as the firm looks to expand its reach in this niche sector.

“Being able to grow this service is a key piece in our business advisory jigsaw so that firms of all sizes can access the wide variety of services we offer to help grow their business.”