Office for National Statistics release statistical bulletin for M&A’s

The Office for National Statistics has just released their statistical bulletin for M&A’s in the period of Jan to March;

  • There were 201 domestic acquisitions involving a change in majority share ownership in QTR 1 of 2019, this a decline of 102 deals compared to QTR 4 of 2018 but it is consistent with the 1st three QTR’s of 2018. Total value in QTR 1 of 2019 was £1.4 billion this is a sizable decrease (£5.8 billion) compared with £7.2 billion of 2018. It is the lowest value recorded since QTR 3 & QTR 4 of 2015 (£1.2 billion)

Are the low 2019 QTR 1 results a reflection of Brexit uncertainties? As we know it is difficult to predict M&A trends and to link the stats to any domestic and global events because of the time it can take to complete and announce an M&A deal. It will be interesting to see QTR 2’s results to see if this is a continuing trend nationally, because our own experience this year is that there is still a buoyant market out there and there is substantial investment waiting in the wings from individuals and organisations and banks are still willing to lend. This has certainly been evident in all the deals the Baldwins Corporate Finance Team have finalised to date this year, especially with the 3 recent successful deals completed by our Midlands team.

Copy of the Full Office for National Statistics Mergers & Acquisitions involving UK companies: January to March 2019 survey is available here.

MA survey pic (002)