Making or receiving international payments?

We live in an uncertain world with such things as Brexit; the impact of the US election; the political unrest across the globe. Most, if not all, of these factors impact on currency exchange rates, which raises a concern for many businesses.

Our clients however, can potentially save money on foreign exchange and international payments with our help, compared to going direct to a bank.

How we can help your business?

Whatever the reason your company needs to send or receive money abroad, we can help you efficiently, securely and cost-effectively. Here are some of the most common reasons why businesses come to us, however, if you have a specific need, then please contact us.

Importing goods & services

Does your business need to regularly make overseas money transfers, such as to pay for imports? The currency exchange rate being offered could prevent you getting the best return on your money.

With information such as your annual FX volume, the currencies you are trading and frequency of payments, we can look to make money-saving recommendations and help you devise a strategy.

Protect your business from potential market risks by choosing options other than repeated Spot Transactions. A Forward Contract lets you fix an exchange rate for up to two years, reducing exposure to market fluctuation and exchange rate changes. A Limit Order allows fast reaction when the particular rate you want to have – or avoid – arises.

Exporting goods & services

The slightest movement in exchange rate can affect your business significantly. Invoicing for exports in foreign currency and converting revenue into domestic currency can make all the difference in profits.

We can help minimise risk and protect your cash flow, regardless of the country you export to. A ‘Forward Contract’ enables you to know exact invoice values over the next two years.

Buying a home abroad

Whether buying a holiday or retirement home abroad, you face a significant financial commitment. Making an international payment through a high street bank could significantly increase the amount of your payment and incur additional transfer fees.

With a Forward Contract option, you can plan for future payments and protect yourself from market fluctuations.

Our Banking & Finance team are continually helping and reassuring clients with their international payments/foreign exchange needs. If you would like to discuss how we can help, please get in touch with me or a member of the team.