Audit – a quality habit

The scale and severity of various alleged audit failures have hit the headlines with spectacular and somewhat depressing regularity over the past year. Few could have failed to notice the record £10m fine for BHS audit work and the collapse and subsequent fall-out of Carillion. Another example is the recent publication by the Financial Reporting Council (FRC), of its latest Audit Quality Review.

The report cites one of the ‘Big Four’ as having ‘unacceptable deterioration’ in its audit practices.

It’s safe to say that the issue of public trust in business and the audit process has never been so front and centre in the public’s perception as it is right now.

To quote the immortal words of Aristotle, ‘Quality is not an act, it’s a habit’.

Wise words indeed, because we at Baldwins subscribe to that mantra.

It is imperative that, as auditors, we properly assess our client’s business risk in order to focus our audit to address the audit risks arising and, in doing so, provide assurance and valuable insight for our clients in those areas most critical to their business success.

We know having local offices (at least 65 and counting) right on the doorstep of our clients is a huge advantage because we can get to know our clients well (and they get to know and value us too!).

Rachel Rowlands CEO Age Connects Morgannwg is one of our clients.  She says: “The team are accessible and take time to understand our business….

“They have a really clever way of making accountancy and audit sound simple by talking our language, not theirs, and they are never too busy to talk through our concerns or plans.

“I would highly recommend Baldwins to anyone who wants to get great value for their money and for their accountants/auditors to feel like part of their assurance solution.”
With Baldwins as your auditor, you are assured of a Director-led service, experienced staff and year-round communication.

We take great pride in delivering excellence – we take the time to provide the services that are relevant and specific to your needs giving you the assurance in areas that provide you with value and we will provide comment on the broader efficiencies of your business.