Fundraising Fraud

What is fundraising fraud?

This is usually when someone organises an event or collection to raise money for a genuine charity but fails to pass on all or some of the proceeds.

The fundraising event could include concerts, auctions, dinners, raffles, sponsored activities such as bike rides and bucket collections.

This type of fraud can be difficult to detect as the charity may not be aware that fundraising activities are being undertaken in their name.

How do you prevent fundraising fraud?

  • Provide fundraisers with official fundraising packs with clear guidance and processes.
  • Keep records of known events and fundraising being carried out on your behalf, including correspondence before, during and after the event.
  • After the event, follow up with the fundraiser, how much was raised? When will the money be received? If you do not receive a response write to the organiser seeking an explanation.
  • Be aware that fundraising could be held on your behalf without your knowledge – internet searches could pick up some events held in your charity’s name.

If you suspect fraud?

Report your concerns to the Police or Action Fraud and the Charity Commission.