Charity guidance during Covid-19

The Covid-19 crisis will impact the third sector in a variety of ways. Income will become uncertain, costs will potentially rise and demand for services will increase – the perfect storm. This will put pressure on Trustees and management who will need to make “the right decisions, at the right time”.

Here we have pulled together the various links and guidance that have been provided by Government and sector specialists – signposts for where to access the most up-to-date information. This doesn’t replace your potential need to chat through issues and access our teams as a sounding board to the unusual times and issues you are facing.

Our teams are here to help you navigate the guidance, assist in technical queries, and also just to be a independent ear to talk through issues.

Charity commission

  • At the moment reporting requirements remain in place. This includes the reporting of serious incidents.
  • Meetings and AGM’s- where meetings are cancelled the decision to do so should be recorded to demonstrate good governance.
  • Video, teleconferencing and the internet – review your governing document for your permissions. If you are not permitted to use these methods document your decision to do so thereby demonstrating good governance.
  • Safeguarding is critical at this time – Charities must ensure they protect their beneficiaries, volunteers and staff.
  • Reserves – guidance on when to use reserves and the rules on restrictions.

Government advice and support

A significant area of concern for the sector will be the cost of salaries during this time. The announcement of the rules surrounding “furloughing” of staff can be found on the link below. This guidance is being updated constantly as further information is published.

Advice on Furloughing

This is a significant issue for the sector. The specific Government guidance can be found on the link below. If you subscribe to HR advice please refer to them for advice and guidance on process, letters etc. For those that don’t the ACAS website also has useful links.

Local Government

Each local authority has produced online guidance for what is available. Visit the landing page of your relevant authority for the link to the Covid-19 guidance and assistance.

National Council for Voluntary Organisations / Wales Council for Voluntary Associations

Charity specific guidance on a variety of issues from NCVO and WCVA.

Fundraising Regulator

Advice and guidance on the impact Covid-19 will have on the fundraising for your charity.

Charity Tax Group

The Charity Tax Group has also issued a guidance page on their website, which contains links to the relevant advice for areas such as Job retention schemes, VAT and expenses.

General Guidance

More general guidance can be found on the Baldwins website, covering all aspects of the impact of Covid-19.

This is a situation that is evolving and changing on a daily basis. Please keep checking back to these links to access the most up-to-date advice and guidance. Our team are here to help you navigate these uncertain times, please do not hesitate to call your usual contact.